Monday, 1 June 2020

Terrors from the deep are very real in their effects

These 'what if's' are for what purpose?
I have read that in places where doctors can strike, the death toll goes down when they do.
However the belief that doctors save lives and are a bulwark against terror of death and disease is so deep set that no mere facts will make the slightest difference.

I now move from personal reply to general reflection.

We are in a time in which we can witness such deep set terrors in operation.
I read this morning a section of J Chilton Pearce (The Biology of Transcendence) on his childhood night terrors - which unlike nightmares always ran their full course and could not be interfered with by 'reality' - ie parents attempts to calm or reason an open eyed screaming child, for all stimuli fed the terror and became part of it. The terror eventually ran its course and left a complete amnesia accompanied by a dread of being alone.
At a certain age he determined to allow going into the dream and to remember it, which was the capacity to observe the event from a perspective outside its drama - and thus release it. This he did.

Terrors from the deep are very real in their effects - not least in our defences set up against them,
The main difference I see in our current collective terror - which is not really about an infectious virus but the activation of ancient fear, is that it was summoned or invoked by design. I recognise the cock-up theory offers a masking mitigation against such unthinkable or unbearable malice - but is not our recoil from this the 'blind eye' by which it operates as 'private agenda'?

The need to seek and find diversion by which to  avoid being alone with what we cannot bear will drive all kinds of agenda - but the willingness and readiness to go into it as the desire and determination to be free of running and hiding from it - is a development of character and consciousness of love of life - rather than clinging to fears.

Deaths are inherent to a realm of birth and unfolding experience, but killing is an intent that has repercussions on the giver and receiver that generate trauma that - unless truly addressed - does energetically manifest negative symptoms in the families and societies of its context.

By deceit, people can be induced to effectively kill themselves, in ways that leave the setter of the deceit free of blame or at least able to claim plausible deniability. Junkfood, weedkiller, polluting  manufactures, as well as inducing and fermenting fear, conflict and war - such as this one.
But regardless the legal shenanigans,and masking in obfuscations, the record holds the act of intent to denial as a backlog of debt, that of itself 'locks down' and denies future growth.

The weight of a great evil or terror cannot be escaped by masking in an increasing dense masking bubble - excepting as a binding to blind mechanism as some coded memory of what life might have been, set in targets of compliance where once the heart moved freely.

The point of looking directly at what is going on is not to feed moral outrage - though we meet it - but to uncover where our own identity masking has set beliefs that deny us a true appreciation of - and basis for - shared reality.

Fear of denial and exclusion - like a cornered rat - can strike out in last ditch defiance.
When this fear is shared by the 'establishment' as their vision of an inescapable future of breakdown, as fear of pain and loss - it is nurtured and grown as a global strategy of 'escape' - not for humanity but for their vision of control over its perceived unworthiness.

My sense is that compression is a natural process of refinement that comes to seed - (what could be a more compressed life form than a seed?) - that harvests or integrates the fruits of its prior expansion as a result of qualitative acceptance - or priorities. Conflicts cannot be pushed out into long grass when all is converging to a reckoning. But by what mind is the reckoning? Because the mind that generated the conflict can only operate the narrative of masking as an expression OF it.

And yet the very nature of fear given power of acceptance and belief, is to shut down the higher centres of consciousness that translate and embody qualitative intelligence to workable and practical action.

Here we are.

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post #2

How about holding the Media to account?
There would have been no pandemic without the lockstep media.
The hope of a political sovereignty in our political class or system is misplaced.
Financial parameters operate the ability to favour or choke back almost everything now – including global food supply and permission to leave your house or earn a living.
Financial and social restructuring is the underlying purpose of the pretext that works it intended purpose. The basis of our ‘economics’ is fraud and all else is necessarily captured or subverted to run and protect a society running on deceit – which can only operate destructively in self-reinforcing loop.

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