Monday, 1 June 2020

Where in all this is solid ground?

Quite apart from valid counts, are valid tests, for valid conditions or established fact.
Science shifted from empiricism to the computer model, and from empirically validated standards to convenient (model supporting) mathematical abstracts.

We (mostly) take on trust that a 'novel' (?) virus was 'discovered' in serum taken from a very very few suffering extreme respiratory reactions to extreme air pollution. Despite the fact that viral expressions (they come from living cells) constantly mutate - and are thus 'new' as a matter of course - and yet share the same basic profiles of symptom as other flus, colds, and coronaviral infections/expressions.

So where in all this is a 100% solid ground from which to begin science - rather than applying scientific processes to pet theories or subconscious fears given funding?

Zoom out and see that overall cause of death has more correlation with the lockdown - and so the scientific idea (if you need proof) is to challenge the correlation so as to disprove causation - yes? However, death is generally the result of a series of breakdowns of life support - which are personal (psychic-emotional) as well as social and environmental - now compounded by social and political hysteria which is none the less keeping an iron grip regardless any appeal to reason or call to account.

Like a game of musical chairs, when the music re-starts, there is less support for living. Initially this is those who die from their fear and isolation - and from the measures undertaken as defence. That this is a top-down orchestration is simply evident.

The idea of a mainstream 'reality' as a management system, that insiders are aware of as partial or false is part of any masked private agenda. A restructuring to vertical commands rather than horizontal interactions of communication and trust under structures of guidance and support for life.
We find out what love is by creating a world without it.
But what we give our love or energy and support to - remains our choosing.
The need I see is for restoring and holding perspective amidst polarising and self-reinforcing reaction.

There is an imperative operating through the few, set over the many - under various narrative justifications for 'orders' or paid employ. Insiders know more but are less able to speak even if they were moved to.

It's all very well to judge others - but we meet our own risk-assessment in terms of where do we draw our line as to what we say, to whom, whether we comply and the way we comply - and why. This is the realm of responsibility FROM which we meet with or communicate to others. We can all rush about (at home in our heads) with what everyone else SHOULD do or should never have done - but where is our voice at any table of social decision making?

I sense that a Reset was and is inevitable - but that those doctoring our Economy and engineering of Society want to manually manage the outcomes, by blocking our immune response and setting up bio-tech dependencies as a deeper level of control.

Under compression of severe challenge or impending death, we are often moved to align in the qualities and priorities that a life driven by worldly demands denied us. Making our peace and aligning in the joy of each moment as we can find willingness to recognise is also a healing modality - regardless the physical outcome.

Intuitively I sense there are many who intuit that fear is itself dangerous, and so they are indeed living a chosen bubble by which to not give fear the power to wreck their lives - even while the wrecking of the world we knew is being carried out with helicopter money and completely unsustainable premises. Force Majeure is being claimed by some as a way to escape contracts they can no longer keep. Is it an Act of God (as used to be used in legal documents) or is it the pre-emptive assumption of such an act under a manually usurped 'new world order'?
Somewhat like the premise of the vaccination - in which a limited sacrifice, operates the masking belief in defence from the feared Total Sacrifice - (and which of course DOES the thing it is premised to defend agaist).

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